Celebrating What we Appreciate!

No doubt about it, I’m a blessed fella, especially when it comes to the volunteers who make our Children’s ministry a possibility. It’s crazy when you think about what they sign on to do. Every week they turn a school classroom into an inviting environment for our kids to come in and hear about Jesus. Just the setup and teardown is an amazing process- not to mention the prep time that goes into preparing their lesson and making sure they have all that they need for their class each week. I  mean really they turn this:














into this:














It’s an amazing transformation- and it takes quite a bit of work each week to make it happen. I ask a lot of my volunteers, I expect a lot from my volunteers, and in return I want to cultivate an environment where we celebrate those who are going above and beyond.

That’s what I want to today. When I start thinking of people who go above and beyond in our Kid’s Ministry, there are two that immediately spring to the front of my mind. Those two are Ashlyn and Karlee Richards. They are truly amazing and it is such a joy to get to serve alongside of them. They both have such a servant’s heart and are constantly seeking out ways to help, to serve, to make my life a little easier. I actually joke with them that I have to try to think two steps ahead to try and get to something before they have a chance to do it!

They’re great- they’re amazing- and they are also students! Karlee is in the 10th grade at Loganville High School and Ashlyn is in the 8th grade at Loganville Middle School. Here is a picture of them with the hoodies they were given to recognize their service to Kidology:

Karlee and Ashlyn

Ashlyn and Karlee- I am incredibly grateful for you. Thanks for all you do! I love you guys!


New Checkin System

kidology-plus-description.pngHey Guys!

I wanted to post a little notice to all of our families about Sunday. We will be launching a new check in system in Kidology so things will look a little bit different than normal. Instead of a self-check in setup we will have two assisted checkin systems running to make sure we have all of the bugs worked out of it. The new system is a web based product, and will help us be able to communicate with you, the family, more efficiently. It is actually part of a system that we will be using across many areas of the church, especially Community Groups, but we will be sending out more information on that in the coming weeks.

I believe that we have all of your information in the new system, but there could be those who have not been entered in yet. So please bear with us as we make this change. It might take a little longer to get everyone checked in these next couple of weeks so I apologize in advance for that. I am excited about this improvement, and the change will help us to be more efficient and more effective in our children’s ministry.

I appreciate your understanding!


Love you guys!



Planning Center Online- A Tutorial

Planning Center is a web-based scheduling software that we have been using in Kidology for around six months. It allows us to schedule all of our volunteers, load our lesson plans for you, our teachers, as well as other things. I know that many have been continuing to pull their lesson plans from the site where our curriculum was stored which was completely okay. However, with our change in curriculum to The Gospel Project that will change. (Side note: GospelProject.com has some great resources to help you as you prepare to teach this curriculum. I’d strongly encourage you to take some time to read some of the blog posts or watch some of the videos).

Back to the point…

Planning Center will be the only place where you will be able to go to download your lesson plans for your class. Since there are those who have not used Planning Center I wanted to put together a little tutorial with some very basic things for you to help in your usage of the site. You have a couple of options when it comes to getting to Planning Center- you can either click the link in the scheduling emails you receive, or you can just go to www.PlanningCenterOnline.com When you get there you should see something like this: Planning Center Home Page

From there you click the “login” and enter your email and password that you have setup. (Let me know if you have problems with your password and I can reset it for you).

When you get logged in you will see a dashboard page similar to this:

Screen Shot 2012-12-26 at 2.39.03 PM

From there you simply click on the week that you are assigned to teach which will lead you to this page:

Screen Shot 2012-12-26 at 2.46.58 PM

To access your lesson click on the dark gray box (it will have a number indicating how many files it has) under the Small Group heading, next to “Discussion.” It will open up this box where you can easily select which lesson you want to download:

Screen Shot 2012-12-26 at 2.47.16 PM

And that’s it in a nutshell. Similar to The Gospel Project site there are videos and other helps available to you in the Planning Center site. You can “block” out dates where you know you will be on vacation, see who else is working when, and many other things. Take some time to figure it out, it will only help you in the long run!

If you run into any problems- let me know! I’m more than happy to help you in any way that I can!

Love you guys,


Help Wanted!

Help Wanted SignWe are looking for some more people to join our Kidology Team!

If you have ever considered working in Kidology and serving the kids at Crossroads now is the perfect opportunity!

There are positions coming available both as a lead teacher, or as a “helper.”

If you are interested in finding out more information fill out the form at this link and I’ll get you more information about specifics!

“The Gospel Project:” An Introduction and Training

I have been sharing over the past two months my desire to change the curriculum we use in Kidology to something that does a better job teaching Jesus, and not just good character traits. Our current curriculum has served us well, however I feel like it focuses primarily on “good” character: respect, cooperation, honesty, etc- all important traits that we desire for our kids to have; but certainly not the most important one. Continue reading