Kidology is the Children’s Ministry at Crossroads. At Crossroads we don’t see Children’s Ministry as a babysitting service while parents are in worship, but rather as a valuable time. We believe that children are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14), and that they are truly a blessing from the Lord! (Psalm 127:3)

We view the time we have with your kids as precious, and strive to be intentional with that time. We want to pour into your kids to love them and make them feel welcome at Crossroads, but more importantly to teach them all about Jesus and the Gospel!

The curriculum that we use in Kidology is provided by The Gospel Project. The Gospel Project is a Bible study resource that shows how Christ fits into the entire gospel story, pre-creation to eternity. And where each one of us fits into it, too. It is a chronological timeline of Bible events—presenting the story of redemption through Jesus like kids have never seen it before! Each week, these stories come to life through video, music, activities, and more.

We divide our Kidology classes according to developmental milestones in the younger classes, and grades in the older classes. These are the classes that we have each Sunday morning:


In this class your child will hear a Bible story repeated over the course of the month during one-on-one time with the teacher. We promise to care for your child physically and tell them about God’s love for them as much as possible! This class is for newborn children up to the time they are walking unassisted.


The Walkers class is for the child that has started to walk easily on their own. Each Sunday your child will hear a Bible story repeated over the course of the month during one-on-one time as well as given time to play. In this class they’ll also have the opportunity to color and eat a snack.


Once a child is potty trained and 3 years old they are moved to the Preschool class. In this class, the children rotate through centers including games, crafts, and snack. We’ll also have a time of praise and worship followed by a Bible story.

Special Needs

The primary goal of this class is to provide one-on-one attention to your child. If you are interested in having your child participate in this class, please contact the church office to provide basic information about your child so that we will be better prepared for your child’s particular disability.

K-5th Grade

Kidology has an environment designed specifically for your K5 – 5th grader. We know that the spiritual development and wellbeing of your family is of utmost importance to you and it is to us too! That’s why we have ministries geared directly toward your children.

We place an emphasis on being and building disciples through high energy large group and relational small group environments. Throughout the year we’ll also provide opportunities for children and parents to come together for fun, worship, and spiritual training.

Our large group time is a place where children can worship together, kid-style! They’ll hear a storyteller share relevant truth directed toward their lives with thoughts and ideas that they can relate to. We also have a great time together playing games that encourage teamwork and encouragement.

Your child will begin and end their experience with us in a small group, which are divided by age (K-1st, 2nd-3rd, and 4th-5th). It’s here that they’ll have the chance to interact with other children their age, ask some really good questions, and learn more about God.

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